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5 Ways Paying off Debt Safeguards your marriage

We have all heard the sad stories of divorce. The number one cause of divorce is money fights and money problems.  Even for couples who don’t get divorced I bet everyone can agree that they have had a fight over an issue related to money. 

If not, you may have only been married for 5 minutes!

With all of the statistics out there leaning against our marriage my husband and I want to do everything possible to safeguard our marriage from divorce.

One way that we have made a commitment to do that is by budgeting and paying off our debt.

Over the last 4.5 years of intensely paying off over $145,000 of debt these are the top 5 ways that we have seen how paying off debt safeguards your marriage.

  1. Helps you learn how to communicate more thoroughly

    While you are paying off debt and budgeting you have to talk about EVERY decision. How much will you spend on groceries to fun money to savings – these are all decisions that you have to learn to communicate together about. Great communication is truly one of the most important aspects of a great marriage. My husband and I thought that we had great communication before we started our debt journey. After 4.5 years of intensely working to pay off debt and having monthly budget discussions I can tell you that our communication is greatly improved and has affected the rest of our marriage.

  2. Helps you dream about your financial goals

    During the process of paying off debt it is absolutely vital to discuss your long term goals. Continuously dreaming with your spouse improves your marriage. Keeping your eyesight on the things you can achieve TOGETHER safeguards you from focusing on the everyday stresses of life that can negatively affect your marriage.

  3. Decide together where your money should be spent

    • Monthly budget meetings following my 5 tips for a successful budget meeting means that you’re deciding together where your money will be spent. The key is that you decide where it’ll be spent BEFORE it is actually spent.
    • When you handle your money jointly and then make those decisions jointly it communicates respect to your spouse that their opinion in the finances of your family is respected and valid. Even without communicating to your spouse that you respect them and appreciate their opinion, these actions put a safeguard around your marriage.
    • Even if you decide to each have a certain amount of ‘fun money’ each month that you don’t have to be accountable to one another for, it was a decision that you made together in conjunction with the rest of your goals.
  4. No secrets

    Secrets can absolutely destroy a marriage. Even about the smallest of matters it destroys trust. When budgeting in order to pay off debt you must talk about every single penny. You both are aware of all of the accounts incomings and outgoings. There is no room for secrets. If I decided one day to stop at Starbucks and we hadn’t already budgeted for it, there is no way that my husband wouldn’t find out. There are no secrets about even the littlest of matters and that greatly safeguards our marriage. 

  5. Being debt free is much less stress added to the marriage

There are a lot of stressors to marriage without adding finances in the mix. From children to jobs to housework, a marriage that also has financial stress can buckle under all the pressure.

Picture for just one moment if you had no credit card debt, no student loans, no consumer debt of any kind, and no mortage! Can you even imagine how much less stress your marriage would experience if you were completely debt free? 

My husband and I want to make sure that we do everything in our power to put a bubble of protection around our marriage.

Becoming debt free is one of the main ways that we are protecting our marriage. 


If you want to put a safeguard around your marriage, paying off debt through monthly budgeting is absolutely a necessary step.

If you agree that becoming debt free protects your marriage, let me know in the comments below! 

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One thought on “5 Ways Paying off Debt Safeguards your marriage

  1. Being on the same page as your spouse is HUGE! Having agreement on your goals, and killing debt solidifies your efforts and makes you a solid team.

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