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Humbling yourself to get extra jobs to pay off debt

If you’re on this site and anything like us then you probably have an immense amount of debt, mostly student loans. You worked really hard to get them and have a career that has some degree of status tied to it.

So when you think of how you are going to pay off your debt, getting an extra job may be the farthest thing from your desires.

You may think that you can just save your way out of debt. Maybe you are worried about what people will think of you. Or you may think that you deserve your free time after working a full time job.

I’m here to give you some tough love and tell you that while working intensely to pay off debt you are most likely going to have to humble your pride, and get an extra job. Increasing your income is the surest fire way to give you more money to put towards your debt payment.

It wasn’t glamorous for my husband who has a master’s degree to park other people’s cars at a hospital, but he agreed to it gladly.

It wasn’t glamorous for me to admit that even though I had two masters degrees I needed to get extra jobs as well.  I’ve done various things like cleaning a bank after hours, babysitting others’ children, making apple pies, and offering to do people’s mending.

I’ll talk about how to find an extra job and dealing with schedules in a later post but first you have to be convinced that in order to pay off your debt, you need to humble yourself and get an extra job.

Here are some tips that have helped us on the decision to get extra jobs:

  • Find your motivation

After working for the first year to just get a handle on our budget and cut as much from our budget as we possibly could, we realized that we needed to get extra jobs to make a bigger dent in our debt payoff.

My motivation to find strength to clean a bank after working all day at my full time job, and watch an extra child on my one day off was my intense desire to come be a stay at home homeschooling mom. My husband’s motivation to get a second job valeting cars was to be able to invest sooner.

Find YOUR motivation to pay off your debt, and then you’ll find the motivation to get an extra job.

  • Take responsibility

You or your spouse caused your debt. If you’re married we fully believe that finances should be completely joined. We view my debt as his and his debt as mine. So you must take responsibility that you caused your debt, not the bank or the school or the government.

Once you take responsibility that you caused the debt, it is easier to acknowledge that YOU need to be the one to clean up the mess.

  • Ignore Others’ Opinion

As normal as debt is in our society there is also a lot of shame associated with it as well. You may be worried that people will find out about your extra job and what they will think of you.

Everyone in our family knew that for over two years I went to family parties with myself and our kids because my husband worked an extra job on the weekend. I would be lying if I told you we didn’t worry about everyone’s opinion of our financial situation at first. But then it became very freeing as a means to talk about our debt journey. We learned to keep our eyes on our life and our journey and not worry about others’ perceptions. 

Remember Dave Ramsey’s saying “Live like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else.” Who cares if no one else is getting an extra job to pay off debt? YOU need to live like no one else NOW so that your future is different from others.

  • Christian Responsibility

I have never hid the fact that I am a Christian and our faith has had a significant impact on our desire to become debt free. While the world tells us that you need to maintain your image and status, especially those attached to your career, God tells us to rid ourselves of pride. 

Knowing that we are becoming debt free because of God’s direction in our lives allows us to not care about other’s perception of our extra jobs.


You know that you need extra income in order to make a difference in your debt payoff. So what is holding you back from looking for an extra job? If the answer is your pride or what you think others’ perception of you may be, then I’m hear to tell you that today is the day. Swallow your pride.

Admit that you are the one that caused your debt, and then get fired up to do something about it!

8 thoughts on “Humbling yourself to get extra jobs to pay off debt

  1. Neither I nor my husband has degrees but we DID have debt. Thankfully, that is almost in the past now as we are on the last little bit of actually paying off our mortgage. We are so thankful that we found Dave Ramsey’s books about 9 years ago-they have truly changed our lives! You make some awesome points about getting debt free. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am a full time teacher. I teach part time after school and I blog. I am not new at working more than one job at a time to pay off debt and/or splurge on something special.
    I worked an entire harvest season, just early morning, so I could take my kids to Disneyland.
    There is nothing wrong with getting another job. In fact, more people should. There would be a sense of accomplishment and pride from meeting goals.

    1. Great point! Yes there is definitely a sense of accomplishment from meeting your financial goals after have put in extra hard work from extra jobs.

  3. Hi, great post! Humility isn’t always easy, but so worth it to achieve financial freedom. We have slacked up a little on our debt payoff this summer, I appreciate the motivation to get serious again.

    1. I think the great thing about getting back on track with debt payoff is you can just make the decision to be more intentional, even if you’ve gotten off track. We’ve definitely had seasons (like the beginning of my pregnancy) where we slacked in our motivation to keep a super tight budget. But each day and month provide a new opportunity to get back on track!

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