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Alot of people think that we are crazy for sharing our personal finances and debt journey public online. But we share our student loan debt details in order to encourage YOU. The person who’s sitting at work right now wishing she was at home. The person who is scared out of her mind about how they are going to be able to pay back their student loans. If sharing our story and advice will help just one person then it will have been worth it.

One thing that I love about the community of people online willing to share their personal finances is the encouragement it gave us on the beginning of our debt journey. When I found Liz from Less Debt More Wine with a similar amount of debt I knew that our readers would have so much to share in common! She hosted an interview of our debt payoff story of paying off $145,000 so far.

Here’s a little snippet from my interview with Liz.

Liz: What is One Piece of Advice You Would Give to Others Paying Down Student Loans?

Rosemarie: It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when paying off student loans but don’t get stuck there.  Do something every single day to lower your expenses, increase your income, and help you throw extra at your debt.

Click here to read the full interview.


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