The Power of Prayer in your Finances


If you were being completely honest you might admit to praying for someone with a health issue, your child(ren), or large world peace issues but have you thought about bringing your finances before the Lord?

Matthew 10:30 says “Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.” Certainly if God has numbered every hair on our head then our finances are not too trivial for Him to care about. God wants to be in control of every area of your life, including your finances!

I love Dave Ramsey’s quote about this topic that says “If you’re broke and your Heavenly Father is crazy about you, then phone home!” Well with $245K worth of debt, we consider ourselves absolutely broke and have been fervently phoning home!

I don’t claim to be a theologian but today I want to share with you some of the very specific ways that God has answered our prayers regarding finances during our debt journey.

  1. Answered Prayers for extra work

On countless occasions as we have prayed for ways to make extra money, God has sent us opportunities that fit our schedule and needs in a way that only God could orchestrate.

While I was working full time (in a 4 day work week) I was praying for extra ways to make income. He answered our prayers with allowing me to watch an extra child who just so happened to need care only one day a week and on the exact day that I was off with my children!

We knew that finding an extra job for my husband to work would also be difficult. He has a demanding job and sometimes needs to work late with little notice. We prayed over all of the job applications he was filling out and know that God definitely handpicked second the job my husband had. He has had the most understanding boss, very flexible, and a perfect schedule for our situation.

  1. Answered Prayers for Provision

I absolutely do not claim to know how God decides to answer prayers, but I do want to share two practical ways that He has answered our prayers for provision.

I pray regularly that if it is His will, to just wipe away our debt. We know that He could do it in one breath if it was His will and so we continue to pray.

$71 check

One day early in our journey I spent an unbudgeted expense of just over $70, and felt very upset about it. (Finding a spare $70 in our budget in the beginning of our journey was basically impossible).  The very next day our old dentist, that we hadn’t gone to in over two years, called to say that we had a credit on our account for $71 and asked what our address was to send the check to. It was as if God was telling me directly that He is in control of our finances if we would just trust in Him.  

$2,300 check

I received an unexpected check last week for $2,300. Out of the blue. Completely unexpected. The University that I previously attended (almost 5 years ago) simply sent me a letter that they had money for me and asked what my current address was to send it to. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that doesn’t know that check was straight from God.

Examples of things to pray for with regards to your finances:

  1. Communication and Teamwork with your spouse

Pray that you may speak gently with one another and that finances can be a subject to bring you together and not divide you. Pray for your budget meetings, that you’ll both be invested! Pray that you will find the time to come together.

  1. Opportunities for Extra Income

This is a great YouTube video from Dave Ramsey that discusses praying for extra opportunities for additional income with a different mindset. He discusses how to change your focus to wanting to serve other people, not just wanting extra income.

Anyone who is desiring to have additional income as a part of your finances I highly suggest that you give it a listen, very enlightening.

  1. To Reveal the Areas of Your Budget that could be Reduced

Sometimes all of us get stuck in a situation where we think we can’t cut anything else out of our budget. I completely understand! However with prayer I know that God can open up your eyes to anything, certainly the areas of your budget that could be reduced.

Two fabulous resources on the subject of prayer that I can’t recommend enough are the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer and the movie “War Room”.

Our debt journey is certainly intertwined with prayer at every turn. God has carefully orchestrated every past decision and experience to turn our hearts towards where we are today.

I pray today that everyone reading this can also begin to use the power of prayer in their finances. What are your thoughts and experiences with praying over your finances?

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  1. I loved what you wrote. It’s so true. God cares about all the little details of our lives, even our finances. Thank you for sharing your words at the Grace and Truth link-up last week. I would love to feature this post, this Friday.

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