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Top 20 CRAZY things we’ve done to get out of debt!

Dave Ramsey talks a lot about being gazelle intense while getting out of debt.

Have you ever wondered what that really means on a day to day basis?

Do you ever wonder what some actual examples are of what we have sacrificed on our debt journey?

These are the top 20 craziest, most gazelle intense, things we’ve done while paying off our debt:

  1. Go to dinner with family for conversation but didn’t buy anything(We did contribute to the tip)
  2. Reuse bath water for laundry water
  3. Sold TONS of stuff!
  4. Sold our Keurig and used our old coffee pot that would pop out if you didn’t hold it while brewing.
  5. We make our own toothpaste, lip balm, mouth wash, and laundry detergent. 
  6. Colored the toe and heels of my stiletto heels with a black permanent marker when the finish started to rub off
  7. Husband used a black permanent marker on a bleach spot on a black sweater
  8. Would carry huge trays of leftover food from work lunches a half hour to the train to bring home.
  9. Gave up Valentine’s Day to make money babysitting
  10. We wash and reuse our ziploc bags.
  11. Sewed matching aprons for two weddings to give as wedding presents
  12. Ate rice and beans for lunch literally every day for probably a year!

     Image & Awesome recipe ideas are from here.

  13. Used free/recycled materials for our kitchen gut and renovation project
  14. Our comforter had tons of rips in it and we didn’t buy a new one. We put a duvet cover over it that was gifted to us for free.
  15. We had two children in cloth diapers while we were both working full time. We only had enough diapers that we had to wash, dry, and stuff them every single night! When we did buy more used cloth diapers online we spent countless nights ripping out Velcro, and then ­­­­replacing it with snaps.
  16. I drove our van throughout the winter with NO heat!(the winter it got down to -52 degrees)
  17. When I was 39 weeks pregnant I sat on the floor cutting and sewing old t-shirts to use as reusable baby wipes.
  18. My husband got a second job at a valet company. He worked an average of 20 hrs/wk on top of his fulltime job and would work crazy hours over the weekend. Sometimes he would even go to work straight from his main job during the week.
  19. While pregnant with baby #3, I had 3 jobs! (My full time job with a long commute, watching a baby on my day off, and cleaning a bank at night 3 days/week.)
  20. SOLD OUR HOUSE! We even sold our house we loved and moved to a different house that would save us ~$600/month in mortgage. This house has actually been a huge blessing to us but we originally moved purely for a financial reason.

So tell me, what are some crazy things you’ve done to achieve your financial dreams?

5 thoughts on “Top 20 CRAZY things we’ve done to get out of debt!

  1. What are your recipes for lip balm, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and other homemade products? I would love to try these!

    1. I will be starting a series that I show you exactly how I make these products next week! I’ll be sure to tag you so you don’t miss out.

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